T/C Dimension misfire

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    Jul 7, 2013
    It may not be the best long range hunting caliber but I just bought a NIB Thompson Center Dimension in 7mm08, I like the rifle but I've had a few issues and I thought this might be the place to find an answer. When I first got the rifle, before I ever shot it, I was admiring it like I always do and trying it out and the bolt was incredibly hard to cock. Once you got it cocked, everything was fine but cocking it was nearly impossible, there was no way I could do it with the rifle up to my shoulder like you would if you ever needed to take a second shot in a hurry. I sat on the couch watching tv and worked the bolt for hours over several days and it got easier like I thought it should be, still not as easy as my model 70 but good enough. I thought my problem was solved but I've shot it a little bit now, 50 rounds or so, and today I was trying out some different ammo, everything was going fine until a round didn't fire. It was a Hornady American Whitetail round, 139 grain interlock, I had already shot 6 of them I think, so I waited a minute, cocked the bolt and tried again, didn't fire, I waited another minute or two and then removed the round, the firing pin struck the primer so I though no big deal, just a bad round, and tossed it aside. I loaded another one to keep shooting and it happened again, this time I removed the round and the primer had not been struck at all, I put it back in, pulled the trigger and it went off. I thought that was strange so I went and found the dud round to try again, still nothing so I tossed it aside again. I shot another 10 rounds or so and everything was fine, so I'm not sure what to think, could something be wrong with the bolt? If it was just the one round I would think dud primer and no big deal but with that other round not even having a firing pin mark on it I'm a little concerned. It might not happen again as long as I live but it could also turn into a real problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.