Swift Scirocco 7mm above 150gr

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by WildRose, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Feb 3, 2011
    Discussing ammo on the 7 Rum thread the subject came up of heavier grained bullets with both high BC's and in the 170-180gr range.

    Swift doesn't make anything heavier than 150 and I of course didn't know why so I emailed and shared the general concensus on how many of us would like to see a heavier bullet in the Scirocco.

    I was surprised to get a call from them today and had a very nice discussion with the manager about it and they are not now, nor currently planning to produce a heavier bullet because so few 7mm's are equipped with barrels capable of stabilizing the heavier bullets.

    I pointed out that as more and more people get into long range hunting and shooting with the .284 wild cats and the 7 Rum that the demand for those heavier bullets is going to steadily increase.

    I suggested something of a compromise with them perhaps offering a 165-170r Scirocco II because just looking at their other bullets I'm imagining they could come close to a .580 BC or even better with one and that there are enough barrels out there to stabilize those to make it worth their while.

    He said that sounded like something they might be willing to work on and that he'd have a discussion with the company owner about it.

    For you other Scirocco fans who shoot 7mm/284's I'd suggest you do the same thing I did and drop them an email. Obviously the more direct customer demand they have for a product the more likely they'll be to produce it.