Swarovski Optik Presents 25-50xWW Eyepiece

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    I have received this from Swarovski and I am passing it along, as I will be doing with all new product announcements.

    Swarovski Optik Presents 25-50xWW Eyepiece

    Swarovski Optik has added to its eyepiece range a 25-50xWW, which will be available in April 2009. In addition to a weight
    of only 10.4 oz, this new wide-angle eyepiece offers an impressive comfortable wide-angle view across the entire magnification range. A unique optical system with aspherical lens ensures an edge-to-edge viewing experience in sharp detail. The special advantages of this new technology lie in the long eye relief, large field of view and impressive
    image quality. The long eye relief at 17 mm helps for very comfortable viewing and the field of view increases by approximately 25% over the magnification range.
    Like all Swarovski Optik eyepieces it is watertight and can be fitted to all the spotting scopes of the
    ATM-HD/STM-HD and ATS/STS series. The eyepieces including protective covers and bayonet fitting cap, are not supplied as standard, but can be ordered separately.
    Clay Taylor, Naturalist Marketing Manager says, “This new eyepiece will literally change the way we look at things through spotting scopes. The superior optical quality combined with the technical features make this a wonderful eyepiece for both viewing and digiscoping.”