Swarovski CT Travel Carbon Tripod: Stock # 49071

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    Swarovski has really stepped up to the plate on knowing that a great tripod for your adventure is as important as the spotter that sits on it.
    They now have offer the:

    Swarovski CT Travel Carbon Tripod: Stock # 49071



    The perfect choice if you are looking for a compact travel tripod which can be carried easily in your pack as well as fit into a carry on luggage. The lightweight carbon tripod CT Travel (with a transport height of just 19.7 in / 50 cm) offers a unique viewing height of around 66.9 in (170 cm) for its size.

    • Carbon-fiber: high rigidity, low weight, vibration dampening
    • Basalt composite: improves stability, reduces oscillation
    • 3.1 lbs / 49.4 oz
    • Collapses down to 19.7 in.
    • Viewing height of 66.9 in
    The Swarovski DH 101 Tripod Head has been redesigned to be rugged and practical

    • Quick & Uncomplicated - Fast Mount System for quick and uncomplicated mounting with just one hand
    • Safe & Stable - Spotting scope is automatically locked in position to protect against accidental release
    • Easy & Individual - The tilt and pan movements can be adjusted and set individually for comfort and ease of use
    • Practical & Precise - The integrated leveler makes it easier to adjust the tripod for digiscoping
    • Features a five-tooth locking system to evenly distribute forces and to prevent upward or lateral movement
    What good is it to have a great spotting scope, such as the Swarovski ATM or STM-65 Spotting Scope , without a high quality, strong, compact & light weight tripod for it to rest on? Spotters are used when looking for game from a stationary position. Basically you're letting the spotter to the tracking for you. See the quality of the game before covering the ground to be able to use a binocular effectively. A Swarovski ATM or STM-65 Spotting Scope is light weight and packable and is 20x magnification up to 60x magnification depending on which eyepiece you have on it. Make every adventure more successful by using quality gear that will last years.
    The least expensive way to buy any gear is to buy it once by buying it right. That is why Swarovski puts so much quality into all their products.