Substitute for H4895 for Barnes Triple X?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by GSoD, Jun 5, 2008.

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    Ok, I watched the slow motion capture of the Barnes Triple X once too often and thought I'd see if my rifle likes it. To be used in the fall for moose.

    So I bought a box of 180 grain in .308.

    The Barnes online manual suggests H4895 powder (42grains producing 2566fps max) as optimal and AA2520 (47.5grains at 2669fps max) as alternate.

    All the local suppliers don't have stock or just plain don't carry.
    Any suggestions for substitutes? I have lots of Varget and IMR4320 on hand.

    My Lyman 48th Manual only has one listing for 180grain bullet, a Jacketed Ballistic Tip. But it has both Varget and IMR4320 listed starting at 39 and 38 grains respectively.

    My Hodgson 2008 Manual only lists a Speer Softpoint at 180grains. It also lists Varget and IMR4320 at starting at 41grains each.

    I have Nosler info that shows 44grains of IMR4320 running at 2618fps is the optimal load for thier 180grain Partitian, Accubond & Ballistic Tip.

    Can any of these be useful in finding a substitute?

    If it helps: its being run through a Rem700P in .308 with 26" barrel.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Mar 28, 2008
    In the off chance you can get some h4895 I recently posted a thread titled 168gr tsx .308 and have had some alright results using the OCW method for finding a load.

    What I also found (at a high $ cost) is that I could not make the imr4064/168tsx work no matter what I did.

    However, found that a Savage 10fp can hold 3/4"@100yds using 42.3grs of h4895 as the OCW with Federal 210M primers seated at 2.810", but will try to thighten that up this weekend by adjusting the seating depth. My max oal being 2.836".

    Please do the world a favor and keep good notes (and post them) so that others can view your work and use it for consideration in their load work. Have seen a lot of speculative-commenting going around.

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    I would try to work a load up with Varget if that is what you have on hand. Remember that the Barnes like a jump into the lands. Once you get to your 'best' group it can be tweaked on the OAL. Unfortunately those Barnes are not cheap but they are very, very effective hunting bullets so it may take more than A box to work a load.
    I would have the shop order me the powder. Cheaper than another box of XXX!
    Then again your rifle may like Varget w/that bullet, try it first.
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    My Lee loading manual shows a 180 gr jacketed bullet with a H4895 max load at 42.5gr with 59,258 PSI and 2595 fps. Barnes website shows max load of 42 gr at 2566 fps.
    Lee shows Varget max load for a 180 gr jacketed at 45 gr with 59,138 PSI and 2661 fps. I would take a very cautious guess that 44.5 gr would be good MAX LOAD and would wager that it would yield between 2600 and 2650 fps.
    But, it is yout rifle, so do not assume my math is correct.

    My .308 Barnes 168gr TSX load is over 44.5 gr Varget fired from an AR10 20" barrel. Don't remember the chrono'ed speed though, not important to me. It is my short range brush gun.

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    Barnes loading data

    Hi GSoD,

    Barnes will email you loading information if you ask them to; their darn manual is delayed until some mysterious future date.

    here is their offering for the requested powders:

    Bullet Weight 180 gr Case trim lengeth 2.005"
    Bullet Style: TSX BT Primer: Federal 210
    COAL: 2.810" Barrel Length: 24"
    Case: Winchester Twist rate: 1:12"

    Powder Minimum velocity Maximum velocity load density
    Varget 40.0 2375 43.5 2564 100%
    IMR 4320 39.5 2270 43.0 2473 97%

    they also have data for IMR 3031, Benchmark, Win 748, BL-C(2), H335,
    TAC, H4895, IMR 4895, AA2520, and RL 15.

    Just a suggestion: you might find that the (relatively) new Nosler E-tips
    are virtually identical in performance to the tsx's. they can be had very
    reasonably if you don't mind cosmetic 2nds from the nosler shooter's pro shop or online at