Strongest 338 Lapua Action

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    Anyone have a link to the failure rates and test of modern bolt actions. Also is a Rem700 as strong as other actions like a Sako M995 or Weatherby MK5 for running hot loads in a lapua over the long term. And do u actually gain anything by going to a custom action like a BAT or McMillan (MCRT), which are basic rem clones, are they actually any stronger than a rem700 or will they take any more than a m700. Reason I ask is a friend was going to do a lapua on a MK5 weatherby action, and today was told by one of the top smiths and action makers in the country that a MK5 could be a danger if the preasure got to high. said a rem or win70 was stronger in sheer or lug strength. Said in some testing they did or knew about, if say something got in your bbl u could sheer your lugs clean off and a rem type action would not do this because it is a stronger action. I always thought of the big Wby MK5 actions as one of the strongest actions on the market but would like to know where they stand to others for warm loads in a lapua, safty always 1st. Now not bolt sticking stupid loads, just what it was made for. I have no reason to get a 600 hp viper never to break 55mph. If its (lapua) doing no more that a 340 or win mag I don't need it.
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    If you're thinking 338 Lapua why not bring it up a notch?

    Do something based on an improved 408 case and let'r rip.....

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    The strength of the Weatherby action is documented in the book
    Weatherby: The Man. the Gun. the Legend

    Here's a summary from another forum of the paragraph often referenced in the book related to the strength of the Weatherby actions

    Weatherby Rifles Forum

    I've read in other books that this was a rather routine type demonstration by Weatherby during the introduction of his rifles built around the Mark V.

    Dan Lilja has an interesting article on lug strength that's worth a read.
    Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels - Articles: A Look at Bolt Lug Strength

    Remington now has a 338 Lapua chambered in a 700P.

    There should be a lot of opinions on this.....I would think it's hard to go wrong with a factory action that has been chambered in that class of caliber.
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    I got walked through the why not to build the 338LM on standard actions the other day by a smith that has alot of experience with them and after his talk I have no desire for one in a standard action, apparently they can ruin your face. He even put the Rem 700 in the do not build catagory. There is just not enough meat left in the barrel and bolt face to hack it 100% of the time. He suggested to build a 338 Edge, same performance, cheaper shooting.
    I have nothing specific just advice from a smith that builds more than a few 338LM's.
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    Oct 9, 2008
    Possibly the strongest long action is the Surgeon XL action. It is a beefed up 700 style action but with two big advantages. It has a integrated 30 MOA 1913 mil spec base and integrated .450" recoil lug. That just means the action is considerably stiffer and stronger than the 700. The extra .450" in the barrel tenon greatly adds to barrel stiffness. The down side is $1685 for the repeater and $1350 for the single shot.
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    Barrel tenon length and recoil lug thickness do not add any strength to the action as far as handling pressures from larger case head size. BAT and Lawton will get you a action with a larger bolt dia and barrel shank dia that will help with the larger case and also larger locking lug sizes that will actually make the action stronger.
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    May 19, 2008
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    I myself am still interested in getting AR-30 in .338 because for the money its a good deal and every review of them I have ever seen they are real shooters with 300 MK's.