Striker conversion .223 to 6mmX45?

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    Jan 31, 2009
    Hi all,
    Perhaps this is not the correct place to place this question because I am not exactly on the same scale of Long Range Pistol shooting as ya'll are but...
    I have a Savage Striker in .223 that was given to me by a good friend. I love shooting it and do so whenever I get the chance. I would really love to be able to hunt deer and antalope with it but am restricted to 6mm or better here in Colorado. Was thinking about going to 6x45 bucause it is easy fix, but is there a better choice? I would perfer a .243 Win or 7mm-08 but with teh current bolt, the cost gets to be too much for me. What are my reasonably price options?

    Thanx for any advise,
  2. dogdinger

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    Dec 1, 2007
    you are not limited to the .223 case head size with the striker. it is a simple 20 min change out to go with the bigger bolt head. i think .243 would be the better choice. AJ

  3. zuba

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    Jan 21, 2007
    There are two specialty pistol experts in CO. Hopefully one of them will see this.
    x2 that changing the bolt head is super easy and should take less than 10 min! A 243 would be an easy fix. You might look into mcgowen barrels, they make pre-threaded barrels for strikers that won't break the bank...
  4. Ernie

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    Jun 18, 2007
    If you decide to opt to a larger bolt head to the 308 headsize, then you have a whole lot of other options, with even more if you set it up as a single-shot.
    FWIW-There is no such thing as a bad question on the SP thread.
    Let us know what you decide.
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    Nov 29, 2006
    Howdy ,

    The Strikers are easy enough to change around , a 6x45 would be a option , a 6x47 (222mag ) might be better .A complete bolt head (308) is available from Savage Shooters Supply and would open up a much wider field of calibers .
    Barrels , there's a lot of used Striker barrels out and about usually under $100.00 SS with stock Savage brakes . Another reasonable option is Mcgowen Precision ,They will build , contour , thread and chamber a barrel for about any caliber , They run a Pistol Barrel Special . The triggers are the bad link to the Strikers , do a search .. and you will find ways to make these acceptable for hunting ( 2/3#).
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    Jan 31, 2009
    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the info. I had no idea a bolt conversion was so cheap and simple. 2434 Winchester it is!!

    I just got back from hunting Southa Africa on the 29th of august and took my Tikka in 243 against the advise of the booking agent, I could not wait to get home and call him to rub it in that between my buddy and I we took 10 animals with it out to 314 yards and all were instant/one shot kills. Love that cartridge.

    Thanks again guys and I will let you know when it is complete. OH, and just a note, believe it or not.......... the trigger on my pistol is actually pretty darn good. LUCKY ME

  7. hammertyme

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    Oct 2, 2008
    Congrats on your hunting trip!
    The 243 kills beyond its published ballistics profile for whatever reason. Have taken quite a number of peacefully feeding elk with it without mishap.
    In my location of Kodiak Alaska that 243 cartridge though qualifies to take any meat animal I choose to shoot, however no one I know uses it because there are lots of big furry critters around that may choose to dine on us. NO margin of error!
    That Striker in its current center grip configuration can safely shoot the 7WSM,300WSM,325WSM and I am shooting a 338WSM and still use the factory magazine. One need only swap the firing pin assembly, baffle and bolthead as I recall. As already stated, its quick and simple!

    As a single shot and my current go to hunting gun at 6.7 pounds is your Striker with the bolt conversion in 338 Win Mag. I just drop a cartridge in on top of the follower and close the bolt. This particuler Striker is a third generation, meaning it has the single trigger transfer bar and the trigger has been polished and adjusted to a crisp clean 2 pounds.


    The current picture here is of a factory 338 Win Mag rifle barrel that has been cut to 17", crowned and brake installed. I am allergic to pain so a quality brake is a must. As is pictured this Striker weighs 6.7 pounds.
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