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    Oct 21, 2005
    After quite a bit of range time and one hunt with my Savage 16FLSS, I knew that the plastic flexi-stock had to go, but finding a left-handed stock with what I wanted wasn't easy. Based on comments here I called up Kevin Rayhill at Stockade and discussed my needs with him. After a bit of talk about how and what I wanted the stock to do, we settled on a Hunting Sporter stock in earth brown with grey spiderwebbing, two front sling swivels and a 1" recoil pad. Kevin offered to provide new cap screws for attaching stock to receiver and cut them to length, and gave me advice on skim bedding the action. Very friendly and helpful guy.

    The stock arrived when promised, well packed and bubble wrapped, and exactly as ordered. The paint was nicely applied and slightly textured, and my action dropped right in. The recoil pad was nicely fitted, as were the swivels, which tie into an aluminium beam that runs the length of the foreend. I went ahead and did a skim bed with Bedrock, but it was probably guilding the lily, as the bedding ended up onionskin thin.

    Finally got a chance to get out to the range today, and found that the rifle is now a natural pointer, and fits me perfectly. A good cheekweld has me looking right down the center of the scope, and the pistolgrip is quite a bit more hand filling than the original. The recoil pad makes things more comfortable than the old stock, even when I had a slip-on Limbsaver on it.

    After firing a few just to get everything seated in and make sure the sight was still on, I settled down and shot a couple of .5" cloverleafs (at 100yds). Think I'll keep it.

    Here's a photo.


    Info and pricing are on this website