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    For they guys out there that have seen the "splatter texture" finish that Ed Brown and Kenny Jarrett put on McMillan stocks. Does anyone know where a guy can get that done? Ed Brown does not do it to outside rifles and Kenny Jarrett.........well lets just say I wouldnt do business with those guys if they were giving away free food and I was starving to death.....

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    Here is a picture
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  2. Any competant auto body painter should be able to do this for you. The only thing you need to do to achieve this finish is turn the air way down in a gravity fed paint gun. Have the guy use a quality single stage automotive urethane with a flattening agent in whatever color you want.

    I was charging around 125 bucks for a basic one color textured finish on a gun stock if it was prepped before hand.

    That included masking the stock one coat of sealer two to three coats of base color

    Hope this helps

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    Two folks I've had good luck with:

    John P. (the guy above)

    Fiberglass Custom Products in Rapid City, SD. (Jay)