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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by muleyman, May 10, 2008.

  1. muleyman

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    Apr 23, 2008
    Do you still free float barrels if your stock has a full aluminum bedding block. If you do, what is the advantage to spending more money for the bedding block. I am looking at the HS Precision stock for my 700 ADL, they have the full length bedding block and I liked the one on my Sendero.
  2. Kevin Cram

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    Mar 9, 2004
    Absolutley. Most rifles will shoot better with a fully free floated barrel. The reason for the fully free floated barrel is if the stock touches the barrel at different points with different pressures it creates different harmonics in the barrel creating thrown shots ei bad groups. While the bedding block is a great it is best to skim bed the action. The bedding block won't match the profile of the action exactly and the bedding will fill in the low spots and create a perfect mold of the action.