Stickledown May 16th 2012 Long Range Shooting Report England

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    May 12, 2012

    Falling back shooting from 800 to 1200 yards on Stickledown this early summertime attracted fourteen shooters this month, buoyed up and very enthusiastic for this popular, now twice annual event. Yet again we were extremely fortunate with the weather, considering that this is now officially England’s wettest drought on record. And also to test each of us was a varying breeze of about 8mph, from zero and up to ¼ values from the North West; it’s really surprising how much damage this can do to a score.

    The usual suspects were out in force, well prepared to make their bullets work hard for a living, together with welcome new faces (and new mega cartridges) and guests all prepared to stretch their barrels on the longest of the world famous Bisley ranges. This event is great fun and a good test, particularly the 1000 yard prairie dog – The BSRC 1000 Yard Club award – still with only eight über shooter official members worldwide! Approaching lunchtime, with the now very variable wind conditions, I was sure I’d be taking home all of the prairie dog targets I’d bought down. First shooter Alby Lyons shooting his 6.5-284 Win. hit it twice, as if it were water off a duck’s back, to qualify for the 1000 Yard Club for the third time now and, although at the time I thought I was wasting my ammunition, your scribe plugging away with my trusted 6XC managed the single hit for a third time qualification too.

    Regretfully, once again, woeful NRA marking and poor communication buoyed up the expectations of two shooter’s hopes of qualification but when all of the targets I issued were returned it proved not to be so – I do apologise to these sporting gents who have taken this great disappointment on the chin – I honestly can’t understand how these mistakes can be made and I find it very frustrating!

    Layne Chisholm with his Tubb 6XC Spec-Tac-LR elected to shoot as they do in High Power competition in the US with only a target sling for support and was the only shooter to score a maximum during the day - that was at the 900yd mark – great marksmanship. New Long Ranger Christian Viola showed that heavy bullets really do cut through in difficult conditions and was on for a good first time score had he not run out of ammunition.

    The scores, considering the conditions, were slightly down on the average – not surprisingly or unexpectedly so from previous events. The ranges beyond 1000 yards are where the big scores are either made or lost in these events and in this instance your scribe’s rifle carried him through, only just!!

    Book early for Thursday, September 6th 2012 to avoid disappointment as they say – summer weather guaranteed – well, maybe.

    A full score at each range for this competition on Stickledown is 25.5 - five bulls scoring 5 points each and the “V” signifying the central hit. The V-Bulls are thus aggregated, they are not decimal points. HPS for all of the ranges shot in this event would be 125.25 and a further five hits on the 1000 yard prairie dog 4 inch target.

    The scores, in no particular order, follow:


    Names 800yds 900yds 1000yds Gopher 1100yds 1200yds Totals

    Steve Lewis 25.4 23.1 23.0 1 HIT 25.4 24.1 120.10

    Alby Lyons 25.4 24.2 25.3 2 HITS 23.2 20.1 117.12

    John Kidney 23.2 22.1 23.2 miss 20.0 20.0 108.5

    Christian Viola 24.3 24.3 24.2 miss 21.0 DNS 93.8

    Colin Nunn 23.2 23.1 18.1 miss DNS DNS 64.4
    John Chambers 24.2 23.2 25.3 miss 24.4 23.3 119.14

    David Hambleton 24.3 20.1 7.1 miss 20.0 15.1 86.6

    John Bowerman 24.3 20.1 22.2 miss DNS DNS 66.6

    John Watson 24.3 22.2 25.3 miss 21.0 DNS 92.8

    John Rossiter 24.3 23.2 23.2 miss 22.3 24.2 116.12

    Layne Chisholm 24.2 25.5 24.3 miss 25.4 20.2 118.15

    Alex Linsell-Clark 25.4 24.3 22.1 miss 22.2 25.2 118.12

    Ken Scott 25.3 21.1 23.2 miss 16.0 18.1 103.7

    Ed Chapman 23.0 24.3 24.4 miss 20.0 12.0 103.7

    Many thanks from all to John Watson, Layne Chisholm, John Chambers, Alby Lyons and Colin Nunn who assisted me with the RO’ing and scoring for much of the day and allowed me to phaff around with my stuff.

    Steve Lewis.

    Event Organiser.
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