Steiner Binos- differences nighthunter, military, predator?

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    Feb 4, 2005
    Hi I'd appreciate advice or information

    I am seeking to get a knock around pair of binos to fill in between the Leica 8X32 and Steiner predator 10X26 compacts. Thes binos will get dusty - lain on multiple times a weekend, dragged through dirt as a I crawl to postions to take shots at the varmints....
    The 10X26's are good but a little foggy and limited in the dusk dawn time when a lot of animals are out here - also the continual focussing gets irritating when doing a lot of scanning. The Leicas are too expensive to drag through the dirt - and I find the eye cups hard and uncomfortable

    Looking at Steiner 8X32 with the fast focus but finding it hard to really get a handle on the real difference in light gathering between the military, predator and night hunter - all I can find is the publicity blurb which is annoyingly ambiguous.

    I assume all are less foggy than the 10X26. Further I assume that there is some loss of light from the predator filter (which I am dubious about the value of) - So how much more light will I get for going from the military at $199 to Nighthunter at $450? are there other issues such as robustness and edge to edge clarity? is there any real limitation in useing the night hunter as gneral purpose bino??

    I'd appreciate any help as In Oz it is not possible to actually find a place to do side by side comparisons.
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    May 28, 2005
    The difference twixt Steiners is the coatings. Sadly I cant remember which is which (It was my last day - I was tired and did not ask the question - so I sort of slept through the answer) - Some are configured to enhance contrast - others to ensure TRUE colour. I guess the marine will do all poss' to filter those light frequencies that water reflects.