Steiner Binoculars fog trouble

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Hi Guys

    I bought a pair of Steiner Merlin 10x50s for deer hunting thinking they were the best
    because they were so expensive.I took them deer hunting & they would fog after 10 or 15 seconds from the steam coming of my face after climbing hills and from breathing.They were useless so i packed them away.Thinking of buying bushnell elites for real fog protection from steam & breath.
    Can anyone tell me what binos for around $650 or less do not fog from steam & breath when your hot and sweating from climbing up big mountains in alpine cold conditions??.

    Thanks in advance..
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    Feb 6, 2007
    I recommend keeping your optics in the environment that you will be hunting in. Dont put them on top of the dash if its snowing out and you have the heater on... they will fog. The Steiner Merlin's say that they will not fog, so I would contact Steiner and discuss the circumstances with them about it. Without knowing the circumstance in which they fogged up on you, I really could not offer much advice. Do you carry them around your neck? Inside your coat? Front carry bino case? Bino-buddy type system? I recommend leaving them in the vehicle overnight and put them in the backseat or leave them in your pack while you are headed to where you will be hunting, this helps them maintain their constant temperature simular to what they will be like in the field. Less change in environment, less fog. At $500 or so, I would not consider the Steiner Merlins as "expensive". Swarovski, Leica... those are "expensive" but will still fog on occasion if not properly taken care of. If you only have $600 to spend, I would keep a sharp eye out online for deals.

    I have not tried any anti-fog remedies on my optics but have heard that some do... just a thought not a recommendation.