Starting to put together the build list. Input appreciated.

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  1. 7ultra

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    Feb 22, 2004
    Long time no see gentleman,

    The gears are turning and the safe needs a long-range rifle. This is what I have in mind. GA precision for the manufacturer. Surgeon XL action. McMillan A4/A5 (probably end up going with a forest green/black/tan marble finish). I'd prefer a lilja barrel (based on prior experience), but looks like I may have to go with obermeyer or bartlein. Get a teflon finish for the barrel and action. I'll most likely put a Nightforce NSX 3.5x15x56 on the top.

    With that in mind, I need a little in put on the cartridge. I want a gun capable of dropping a deer sized target at 1000 yards. I'm leaning towards a 300 RUM. With a 27 inch barrel, can I get this cartridge to push a 200gr bullet at 3100 to 3200 fps? What kind of recoil will this generate in a 14 pound rifle, how much will a muzzle brake cut this down?

    Right now I'm very much in the developing stages of this build. The goal is to have a 14 lb, 1000 yard, tactical style rifle. The manufacturer and cartridge are variable. Price range, figure 4k for the rifle. The scope, that's a post deployment treat.

    thank you in advance
  2. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004
    I'm assuming WI white tails @ 1k maybe plus a little.

    The only variable I'm not familiar with, in your neck of the woods, is winds.

    The 300 RUM w/200 gr bullets will do the job. A consideration would be recoil under field conditions. I've found that less recoil under less than perfect set up conditions is better........

    Gravity is pretty much consistent across the state but windage is constantly variable. Thus the higher the bc the better off one is going to be.

    For deer your size, if they are not humongous as in Canadian deer, any thing between 6mm and 7mm would be sufficient with a sufficient cartridge to move the bullet out there.

    I'm shooting a 140 NAB in 270 cal pill at ~3600 and its plenty sufficient for bro deer anywhere in North America at a considerable distance. Plus its flaaaaatttt shootin.

  3. 7ultra

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    Feb 22, 2004
    Thanks Roy,

    I take it you've still got your 270 AM. What kind of reloading costs are you dealing with. I've got a z-hat custom seater that will work for anything south of a 7mm. How much extra were your forming dies? Did you go through Kirby or an alternate route?

    As far as wind goes, depends...rifle season can vary greatly. Either way, a plus .5 bc should be adequate, either 7mm or .308. My 6.5-284 never had an issue with 140 gr VLDs.
  4. BountyHunter

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I would go with at least a 28" barrel with smaller taper/profile to make weight.

    Love the Holland radial brake and WI has some "big" deer so I would stay with a 30 cal for sure or at least 7,mm and 1-9 for shooting the 180s.

    I have a 338 Lapua AI with A5 and 30" that weighs 14.6 with scope so it is more than do able.

  5. Coyboy

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    Jan 30, 2005

    That might be what your looking for,

    A few suggestions;

    The Surgeon xl with the AI mag will only load a cartrige to 3.625" OAL, that is pretty limiting in a 300 rum. Unless your planning single shot. The action is heavy and needs a 1.350" barrel shank as well. Still a great action. The one pictured weights in at about 15 lbs without optics.

    The Surgeon RLR with a Seekins mag or a wyatts box will get you to near 3.900" OAL. This will allow the 200-210 to seat out of the case capacity, not that your going to need it all anyway. The RLR is Surgeons long action mag remy clone with m-16 extractor and the Surgeon one pc bolt. With a 28" barrel you should be able to drive the 200 grainers to 3100 fps. My 30" rum does 3150 with a less than max load.

    With a medium palma contour, or a number 6 contour barrel, with optics you should make your 14 lb limit.

    Unless Boots is your uncle, you might have a hard time getting a barrel from his shop right now.

    I would brake a 300 rum at 14 lbs. but that is dependent on weather you feel the need to spot your shots, and can stand the punishment.

    Good luck with your build.