starting a super varmint/deer rifle for my wife

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    Jul 7, 2009
    I picked up a good older model 700 rem in 30-06 to do a scorcher for my wife........of coarse I will dabble with it some.I am going with a 29" Pac-Nor super match grade stainless tube with a 14 twist.With the same trigger I used in my 7stw,the Rifle Basix set at 5oz.It will be chambered in 22/06,shooting 40gr. GS Custom HV bullets.The folks I get the bullets from did one similar to this,but with a little shorter tube.They are getting 4700fps for their rifle and their load.I will be sending the action and trigger off to Pac-Nor next week.Ordering the dies shortly after that from CH4D.We can't wait to start playing with this one.........