SSG V-port brake review

Discussion in 'Equipment Discussions' started by James Jones, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    As it may be know here I'm a big fan of one of our smiths brakes. Nathan Dagley makes and installs in my oppinion a very good brake , it looks great and has now proven to me to be very effective.
    Reciently I did some stock work for a fellow member here on a Weatherby MK-V and he mentioned that he wasen't happy with the brake the gun had on it , I showed him mine and he agreed that it would make for a good adition to his gun.

    The gun is a standard WK-V with SS light conture barrel in a Synthetic stock chambered for 300 Wby mag. Having had a few guns chambered in this round I know that anything less than 10lbs makes for a long day at the range due to recoil. I weighed the gun before shooting it and it cmae in right at 8.5lbs.

    I took the gun to the range to test fire it , first shot I about choked the gun to death and was rewarded with a very light bump , second shot I just rested the gun in my off hand just letting it touch my shoulder and tipped the trigger with my tigger finger and let the gun free recoil into me and honestly the recoil is less than the average 243 (at least to me and my Encore in 243). The muzzel blast to the shooter is not noticable , farrr less than many other brakes out their , now the poor guy on the bench next to me was a little taken by supprise and promtly asked "what the hell is that" (as was everybody else down the line) after a few minutes disscussing the brake and Nate's craftsmanship he asked to shoot it , this led to a 5 min trip and two shots at the range to a hour and a half and 20 rounds being fired with all impressed and several wanting to get "ol betsy" tamed down a little.

    Anyway , I hope I haven't stepped on any toes by adding the name of the smith or "advertising" for him but I felt that a great desgine and great work should be advertised as much as anybody else. So if you intersted in the brake as well as other services take a look at Nate's site in my signature box
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    Jan 5, 2007
    I am more than pleased with the brake and the craftsmanship. I am not a fan of brakes, even though I love the reduced recoil. I just really hate the muzzle blast. As brakes go this one is top notch.
    I can see that I am going to have at least 3 more guns built this year. One is definately going to be an AM if I can pursuade fiftydriver to build one for me. I feel in love with my 300wsm and now want a 7wsm and just have to have a centerfire 22. Hopefully I can talk 308Nate into building one of these for me.
    I am starting to hate being addicted to reading this site. I only started reading to pick up a few reloading tips. I owned 8 rifles when I started reading here. I have acquired a 243AI,280AI,6.5x284,308,300wsm,have a 6x284 being built, and have a 6ppc being built and am already planning my next three. It is an illness and I got a dose. I gotta stay outta here if I want to retire by 40, especially since the wife made me buy her a shelby gt500 because of my gun/reloading habit.