Squeaky-Squirrel Domination!

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    Nov 13, 2012
    Got out to the in-laws ranch last Saturday for some trigger time on the ground squirrels that have infested the hay fields. The hay is growing fast, many times leaving only shoulders and heads visible through the scope... but that's why we like accurate rifles. :D

    Let me preface this with the insight that these squirrels are NOT your 12" tall Michelin -Man Rolly-Polly Prairie Dogs... We're talkin' 1/2 that size, just little guys... :)

    We (a buddy and myself) brought a handful of rifles for the morning shoot:
    Rem 700 - 20BR
    Ruger 10/22 - tricked out
    ... and a Heritage 22LR revolver for "backup" :D

    Marlin Semi-Auto - 22LR
    Savage 93 BRJ - 17HMR
    Savage ? - 22-250

    All in all we shot for 5 1/2 hours, expending over 400 rounds of 22LR ammo, 100 rds of 17 ammo, and a handful of BR's. The 22-250 stayed in it's case due to the 10x scope, super heavy reticle, and my buddy being new to LR shooting. Targets were just too small past 200, no biggie...

    Shots ranged from 10 ft with the revolver to 275 yds with the BR. The 10/22 served me well clear to 100 yds, with it's longest being a confirmed 125 yds. I was outdone when my buddy hit his rhythm with the 17HMR, he made 100 look easy and pulled off a couple around 150.

    Kill rates were super high, I'm pretty sure I never missed more than twice with every 10 round clip I put through the 10/22. We committed to keeping track of percentages the next time we went out... just to see what we could average...

    The shot of the day came in a 3 shot string from the 20 BR. I lined one up on a mound at 275 and sent one sailing... nailed it! I ran the bolt and sent one into his buddy, 3 feet to the right. After reloading and getting back into the scope I noticed a chubby fella checking out the first one I whacked... So I sent a 3rd round out and watched him take it... Sweet! After working our way to the mound and taking a look around we found 4 bodies... 3 on the first mound and 1 on the second... Nice! That chubby one must've been the double! I'll take it!

    It sure was good to get some trigger time!

    Happy Shootin'


    Pic: 20BR with the "4 for 3" victims...

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    Apr 6, 2012
    Very cool!
    Those squirrels look very similar to the Belding's ground squirrels that inhabit the alfalfa fields of central/eastern Oregon. You can get a bunch of shooting in a day at those little fella'sgun)

    -Well done:D



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    Jan 28, 2011
    Whatever you call them its a day well spent beating them back a little.
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    Jun 10, 2010
    Nice shooting, Clint!