Spotting scope for 600 yd range use

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    Dec 18, 2009
    I am finally in a situation where I will have occassional access to a 600yd rifle range. I am looking forward to developing my skills out to that distance, but I have a problem: I don't have a spotting scope and I am sure to need one to spot my impacts. I have no idea what features and level of optical performance would be required to meet my needs.

    I will be shooting a 6.5x55 and a 6.5-284 at up to 600 yards. I will be shooting at Shoot N C type targets to aid in spotting my hits. The sole purpose of this spotting scope is range use during daylight hours. I do not consider weight, size, or low light capabilities to be important. Sufficient resolution to see my hits out to 600 yds is my main requirement. What features should I be looking for in a spotting scope? What magnification range, objective size, lens coatings, etc. do I need?

    I am trying to avoid specifying a price range because I expect price to be dictated by the features that I am looking for. As a general guideline, however, I am looking to spend no more than necessary to perform the required task. Any examples of specific spotting scope models that would be suitable minimums for my needs would be helpful and most appreciated.
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    I purchased (Vortex - Camera Land NY) a Vortex Impact 25-75x70 last year for that same reason. It came with a carrying case and tripod as pictured for $199.

    vorteximpact.jpg index.jpg

    The tripod is a little shaky but for range use it works for me. I took it afield scouting with a better tripod and worked very well.

    Good luck and happy safe shooting.


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    As stated . Bullet holes at 600+ yards are hard to see, but the use of shoot and see targets
    will help.

    There are several things that will help do the job you want.

    A variable power from 10 to 20x on the low end and 40+x on the upper end of power.

    An objective diameter of no less than 60mm and preferably 80mm to 100mm up.

    I like the angled(Adjustable) head for a better more comfortable position and a sturdy
    tripod also is a must.

    For shooting paper/targets there is almost no upper limits on power and cost so choose the
    best one you can afford.

    If you are shooting matches where the targets are spotted,(Pit service) less scope can be
    used (Like a 10x40x60).

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, fellas, for some very practical advice. I have been completely in the dark on this particular subject. Now, at least, I have an idea of what I am looking for.
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