Spots for Shooting PD's!

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    I live in Northern Utah, and have been shooting PD's for about 4 years now. Every time I find a good spot it only last 1 or 2 shoots then the PD run when you pull up or they dont give you enough time to get a gun out. I also, have been starting to introduce my girls in the sport of PD shooting. I can't have my girls get out quick enough to take quick shoots. I want them to get comfortable with handling a gun.

    I have been shooting the area around Kemmerer, Wy and I just found the area by Carter, Wy!

    Where are your favorite spots to shoot and wouldn't be a long drive for the kids? Also, as everyone else is feeling the hit from "GAS PRICES", so I can't afford to drive along way.

    Is there anyone who has some .221 fireball brass or 17 rem fireball brass? I just bought a .17 rem fireball for the girls to shoot, wife, 2 oldest girls "8" and "6". They didn't like shooting the AR and the 22-250. AR was too loud. 22-250 kicked too hard and too loud!

    Thanks, for reading,

    Enjoy your time hunting, but cherish your time hunting with a child!


    How do you post pictures?
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