**SPF** FS - Aluminum Action Sleeve for Rem

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    **SPF** For Sale - 7" aluminum 7075 T-6 action sleeve, flat bottom, round top, bead blasted type finish, drilled & tapped for scope bases and front guard screw. The sleeve profile is very similar to Stolle Panda profile.

    The sleeve is machined to fit Remington models XP-100, 600, 660, & the Model 7 footprint & dimensions. It can be stocked as a glue-in or pillar bedded with screws. The sleeve increases bedding area, rigidity and provides a wider more stable bridge for scope mounting. The sleeve does not impair trigger installation, adjustment or removal.

    If preferred, the sleeve will polish out with little additional work with fine emory cloth and a buffing wheel & compound. Machine marks in the sleeve's interior bore were left to provide a better bonding surface for installing onto the action.

    $120 OBO shipped CONUS. Money order or PayPal + 4%.

    email replies preferred- laveritt@att.net

    Additional detailed pics available by email request.

    See pics.

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