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    Jan 12, 2010

    Louisiana Precision Rifles built 338 Edge (338-300 RUM).

    -Surgeon RLR action with matching 20 MOA Surgeon rail and KMW style bolt knob

    -McM A5, KMW hardware, sniper fill, one sling stud and two flush cups on left side - Spec’d at 50% OD, 25% med tan, 25% black, but there’s a little more tan than that to my eye (which actually compliments the matte stainless finish well IMO)

    -Rock Creek MTU contour, 9.4” twist, finished at 30” (not counting brake), heavy flutes

    -APA Fat Bastard brake

    -Seekins Precision bottom metal / mag system with TWO mags

    -Rifle Basix trigger

    The rifle was completely built by LPR (wnroscoe). I sent him a box of parts and he sent this beauty back! Pillar / Devcon bedded, bead blasted stainless finish, with the LPR logo on right side of barrel and “338 EDGE” on left side. Recoil is extremely manageable with the APA brake. Of course, because it was built by Roscoe, it shoots. I only ever shot 300 SMKs in it which it liked with H1000 and CCI 250s.

    It has EXACTLY 284 logged rounds through the barrel. Those 284 were never fired in more than 5 shot strings with cool time in between. Although I personally doubt the validity of it, I did “break the barrel in”. If I recall correctly I shot 1, cleaned, shot 2, cleaned, shot 3, cleaned, and then shot a few 5 round groups cleaning in between (or some similar variation). From then on it was cleaned after each range trip.

    This is truly a beauty of a rifle. Top end components and a top end ‘smith. As with many purchases I’m reasonably certain I’ll kick myself later…

    Also included is the $265 Redding dies from Defensive Edge. If you already have Edge dies then maybe we can work something out, but for now it’s a package deal. I’ll also throw in the 338 RUM Giraud trimmer case holder.

    $2975 SHIPPED. That includes the rifle, dies, and Giraud case holder. No scope, rings, or bipod. Do the math, that is basically what the parts alone cost… no ‘smithing bill or wait time for you, and free shipping! ;)

    *PLEASE: No low offers or trades. The price is firm. Thanks!

    **Rifle will ship in a cheap hard case. Disassembly of the barreled action and stock is required due to the long overall length of this rifle. This is how it was shipped to me... two bolts back in and you're in business.

    ***First "I'll take it" either in this thread or via PM gets it.

    ****Payment via PayPal (+ 3%) or USPS Money Order preferred. Any others will be held until funds clear.









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