Speer Grand Slam?

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  1. dmproske

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    Mar 2, 2008
    Anyone have any positive or negative results with the Grand Slam? Seems that Speer is pricing this as a premium bullet, about 5 bucks a box more than a box of Accubonds. Both .308 200grn. From what I read the Grand Slam is not a bonded bullet. Just wondering why Speer wants so much for a non bonded design.

    What have yall seen as far as accuracy with it? How well does it stay together?
  2. RT2506

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    Jan 10, 2008
    In my experimenting with different bullets for shooting deer on a farm that I helped control hunt for 15 years where we had to shoot 100 deer a year I tried some 120 gr GS in my 25-06. IMO they are too tough a bullet for the average WT deer. I am of the school of high velocity quick expanding dump all the energy in the deer person. Yes they do hold together very well. I once shot a good size body buck at about 45 yards that was facing me. I shot it high in the chest. The bullet was going 3000 fps and the buck was knocked back on his butt and slid about 5 feet before he fell over dead as a hammer. The bullet went all the way through most of that deer and was found in the ball-socket of his right ham. The bullet was a text book mushroom and weight was 87 grs. This was the only GS that I ever recovered. My buddy had used this bullet in his 25-06 to go to a ranch that had very large WT deer. He was told that he need to bring something like a 7mm Mag. He took his 25-06 with the 120 GS's and killed two huge bucks dead in their tracks with through and through shoulder shots. The GS has been around for a long time, long before the term bonded bullet was thought of. It has a thick cup at the back of the bullet with a very hard lead core in the back half. The front half of the jacket is thinner and has a soft lead core. It expands easy but stops expanding when it hits the thick cup hard core half to retain its weight and keep trucking. It was very accurate in my rifle. If I was forced to use my 25-06 on elk size game it would be the bullet I would load.