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    Oct 31, 2005
    I think it's awesome we have a place dedicated to Antelope.
    Thanks Len!

    I dont have time to post much right now, but will in the future.
    These critters are one of my favorite North American Big game. I have grown up with them, hunting them every chance I get, and lightly studying them through reading research published, and watching them. After all this I still don't know nearly as much about them as I would like.
    Looking foreward to learning more from all the knowledge available on this site.

    Here's a quick picture of something I never imagined could happen.


    Came across these two bucks a few years ago on our way to guide an antelope hunt.
    They were locked together, nearly fought to the death and laying in the bar ditch. We observed them laying there for a few minuites and finally made the deterimation to put them down because they both had fatal injuiries(my buddy had just gotten permission from the area game warden via cellphone). As I got around to the right angle to take the shot one started fighting again and they broke free. The larger buck lunged at me and ran trotted away, and as I turned around the smaller buck also stumbled to his feet and trotted away. Not having a rifle accesible, we decided to continue on and call the rancher and game warden and alert them of the situation. I felt helpless watching them stand there a few hundred yards away breathing their last breaths in agony, but I was just a bystander in the trials and pitfalls of nature.