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    Apr 21, 2012
    Howdy guys, i'm new here, been hunting and shooting for most of my life, finally found a new hobby. Been reading the site for about three days now, and loving it.

    I'm 31, married two kids two dogs and lots of land to hunt. I work offshore in the GOM drilling for oil, and have plenty of time when i'm home for hunting and shooting. I currently run a Springfield Sporterized 30.06 (Deer/hog/mule deer), RIA 1911 base model for secondary, 870 for the winged variety of animals. My other arms include:

    Rossi Circuit Judge- on the ground hog and all kinds of other hunting
    2 Ruger 10/22s- Set up for rabbits and small game, folding stocks large capacity mags, and large scopes for plinking as well
    Colt Trooper MK 2 .357- Home defense
    3 Various .22lr and .22sr pistols for general plinking
    300 Savage Lever Action (with scope, and brass counter)- nostalgia hunting
    50lb Pistol crossbow- Shooting varmits in the yard and around the neighborhood quietly
    22mag- for my wife's nightstand
    20 gauge pump- Sawed and shortened, no plug, alternating buck shot and slugs for home defense
    Various other odds and ends that I cannot list here due to regulations.

    I hunt mainly hogs now, i have killed every animal that I want to with my 30.06, it has become boring now. I purchased the Circuit judge for on the ground in your face stalking and tracking of hogs on my land, it serves its purpose. Now i need another rifle for another purpose. My parents back porch resides on a hillside overlooking a long creek valley were we run cattle, and i have a wide field of view and we watch all the different types of animals at play and work in the area (deer, yotes, hogs, some javelina, other odds and ends). My requirement for this website's information is thus.

    From 100-1100 yards is my range that I am wanting to build for, fully adjustable scope if possible, i want to run a standard off the shelf 30.06 load (no custom one off hand loads, i'll run a hot load if needed, as long as it is off the shelf). I want to be able to shoot from a bench rest, or prone with a bipod. I want to be able to range, wind, and fire by myself. At the distances from the animals (mainly hogs) i will be immune from noise spooking or scent problems. I want to be able to have this rifle and kit set up (glasses, spotting scope, range finder, and rifle and ammo) remove from storage, place on shooting table or prone and fire within 8-15 minutes. I want to be accurate enough if a very large whitetail buck is way out, to do a kill shot (i am a neck shooter, dont ask why i just am). Hogs i honestly could care less for a dropped on the spot kill shot, as much of a nuisance they are Fem.

    I'm sure i have shared way to much information. But i look forward to participating in discussions and I'm sure I will be asking stupid questions.

    BTW I plan on filming most if not all of my shots for critique and review.

    Thanks and GigEm

    Caleb Young