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    Jun 12, 2001
    I have been gong down to South Carolina hunting pigs at Hamilton Ridge WMA for a couple of years with only limited success.

    I journeyed back down to South Carolina to hunt pigs again this year. DNR had changed things around so we got to hunt before the hound dog hunters so the pigs were well distributed and not pushed into deep cover. Saw pigs the first two days and even missed a shot at a medium sized boar. Friday evening Phil and his buddy came down from Ft Bragg and camped out with me. Early Saturday we got up and headed out to hunt. I sent them to a logging road that traversed about three miles of prime pig swampland. About a quarter of a mile down the road they came upon a small boar and Phil’s buddy killed it with a 5.56 AR and some heavy bullets in a fast twist barrel. The range was pretty short but success is success and after two years of getting skunked out, I was exceedingly happy that we had a pig.
    Here are some pictures of the camp and them cleaning the pig.

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    Dec 1, 2009
    Congrats, great way to beat cabin fever. Was just thinking of doing the same thing.

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    Wat to go!