Some shooting at 1677 yds this evening

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    About 3 days ago I found a load for my 338 EDGE AI sending 300gr berger OTMs at 2905 fps and took it out to 900 yards to make sure everything still held together which it did. Then this evening I had just enough time to send some to 1677 yds. It was almost dark and the wind was blowing 2-4 from 9 aclock drop was 51.7 MOA.
    I have been using bullet flight, spin drift and Coriolis were on. group was around one MOA low but the wind was on, going to try to do some B.C. calibrating and hopefully get back out there in the morning with less wind. I know the pic with the tape is hard to see, it was difficult doing this in the dark with one hand taking pics from my phone. But the group is 22in, bullet holes are circled black. BTW feel free to laugh at my target I was trying to hurry before it got dark and just threw to half sheets of ply wood together and could barley get my 99 cent can of spray paint to work, and it also didn't help that the sheet on the left had some kinda of coating on it and the paint didn't want to stick.

    The bottom two pics were some three shot groups from 900 yards (895 to be exact). The first pic there was almost no wind, marked with circles, and it was half MOA. The second group marked with X's, the wind picked up 1-2 mph from 10 a clock opened up to 6.25 in, but IL take it. Also shot a few groups at 400 yds and they were all around 1.5 in.

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