Some help with mil vs moa scopes

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    Dec 18, 2011
    I am looking into buying a new scope, but I have not used moa bases, nor a scope with .1 mil adjustments. I have only used the 1/4" type for hunting. The scope I am about to buy is the Bushnell Elite Tactical 4.5-30x 50mm - Mil-Dot

    Bushnell - 4.5-30x 50mm - Mil-Dot

    The specs on the ET4305 have total adjustment in inches at 100 yds, but adjustments in .1 mil increments. Through researching, I have come to conclude that the adjustment will be .36" at 100 yds, because 1 mil is 3.6" at 100 yds.

    I would have 90 inches of adjustment, or 25 mils of adjustment, but I can't find the relation of mils to moa. I need to determine the moa needed for my bases.

    My velocity at the muzzle is 2900 with a 168gr bullet with a bc of 475. The bc came from published mfg data.

    Please let me know if any of my findings/assumptions are wrong as well.
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    Dec 8, 2009
    This should be a nice scope for you. It has a lot of adjustment from looking at your link 25 mils. You should need no moa to get to a range that your rifle can hit. MY rifle w/200 zero makes it to 1000 on 7 mil.12 mil takes me to 1400 yrd. which is the top 1/2 of your adjustment. But you never know until scope is mounted how it sits a zero. I have cheap $35 weaver rails on some rifles with no problem.Since every body is always talking yrds, and my shooting buddies run there RF'S at this I figure all mil drops at yrds. I could find no info if scope is ffp. But when scope is set to use mil dot, depending on focal plan. If you spot a shot 1m low and 1/2 right, just make those adjustments on turret, or I USUALLY hold for wind. In my rifle a 1.1 mil is wind hold for 1000, full 10mph. I test my loads against reticle, that is also mil based and use for quick shot if needed, my first mildot=350, and so on this gets me to 825 on reticle,reticule matches your dial