SOLD Remington M700 Tactical 260 Rem Custom S/S Rifle

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    Aug 31, 2010
    This is a Remington M700 Tactical Custom Stainless Steel rifle in 260 Remington. It has a Sendero contour 22inch Stainless Lilja 3 groove 1/8 twist match barrel. It is a rebarreled Remington M 700 XCR Compact Tactical rifle #84466. The Stainless action and bolt are coated with Trynite for corrosion protection. The action has been trued and the bolt lapped. The trigger is a fully adjustable Remington 40X Match grade trigger. The stock is a Tactical HS Precision PST 012 with 2 front swivels and full aluminum chasis. The barrel is threaded 5/8" x 24 for a Suppressor and the is capped with a most unique cap. Part of the barrel was used to make the cap. The machine work is so good you can not see the seam when it is screwed tight. There have been only 22 rounds fired through it for breakin only. 10 each single cleaned and 4 groups of 3 each cleaned. During breakin I was getting 1/2moa but I'm not a great shot. I believe it will do better with the right shooter and load. Included with the rifle is the Eagle Cheek Rest/Ammo Carrier/ Pouch, Winchester 9-13 inch bipod and Burris Xtreme Weaver tactical scope bases. The Weaver scope and rings are not included in the price. You can add another $250 if you want them. It is a MIL/MIL Weaver Grand Slam Tactical 3-10x44mm in Burris Signature Z insert rings. I also have brass, bullets and dies if you need them. $1499 and buyer pays $40 for ground shipping to their FFL in lower 48. Payment by USPS money order only. THX for looking.

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