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    Aug 9, 2008

    Due to not having enough money to finish a certain project, I am having to sell off my action. I have been collecting parts for a build, but I need the money for pressing things.

    All parts are brand new, unless otherwise noted.

    Stainless Steel, Centerfeed (4/4" Screw Spacing), Detachable Box Magazine Short Action. It is a small shank action. The action came off of a VLP .243 model. I replaced the BT style handle with a [beeep] tactical handle. I have a [beeep] recoil lug (that was previously used). I also have a [beeep] 9-Round .243/.308 extended magazine.

    The action will come with the factory recoil lug, barrel nut, bottom metal, 4-round .243/308 factory magazine, metal trigger guard, and action screws.

    The action was proofed at the factory, but I have never assembled the action or fired a round through it.

    This action and parts, are the foundation for a great build.

    Fellas, I can also get my hands on a Savage synthetic DBM (sporter barrel) stock for an additional cost. It would get you by until you put this action in a stock it deserves!

    I have this listing on multiple sites. The first "I'll take it" gets priority.


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