(sold pf)RCBS form dies 17 mach IV/ 17 fireball f/s

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    Sep 24, 2003
    (price reduced) 65.00 RCBS Case Forming Die Set 17 Mach 4 from 221 Remington Fireball, can also be used to form 17 fireball.
    comes with:
    Plastic storage case
    #10 extended shellholder which is included
    form die
    trim die

    special order from midway, takes 90 day and 165.00, 65.00 shipped lower 48
    RCBS Case Forming Dies are used to create brass cases for very hard to find or expensive cartridges out of readily available brass. They are designed to change the case in small steps to eliminate excessive stress on the brass. After forming and trimming, the cases must be full length sized for final forming.
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    Re: (PRICE REDUCED)RCBS form dies 17 mach IV/ 17 fireball f/s

    Foxhunter, I will take them for $65. Please PM me with shipping details. Jim
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