SOLD BERETTA 92 complete upper, SS, Millett adj. sights, 7 mags

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    Jan 27, 2008
    LIKE NEW BERETTA 92 complete upper, stainless-steel, with Millett Series 100 Accurizer front and rear adjustable target sights.

    This will fit on all existing Beretta 92s and 96s.

    Converts your old stock 92 and/or model 96 .40 S&W into a primo (if not bitchin') 9mm target gun.

    There are SEVEN mags: one Beretta SS 15-rd. mag; one blued Beretta 20-rd. mag; two after-market SS 20-rd. mags; two after market SS 17-rd. flush-fit mags - all 9mm; and one blued ProMag 20-rd. mag for Model 96 .40 S&W.

    Who wants to make their Beretta Model 92 or 96 a combo gun?

    --- $389 for everything. ---

    FREE SHIPPING - AND NO FFL NEEDED (there is no frame).

    Chris --- Email me:


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