So many great scopes, which one?

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    Jan 22, 2008
    picked up a remington sps-dm in .243 win for my first dedicated coyote rig, its getting a new thumbhole stock and should be a nice little peice when its all done.. I want to put some decent glass on it with a list of features, the thing is it been a few years since I've even looked at a new scope and dont really know whats out there. heres the list
    -bottom end magnifacation no more than 4
    -top end not less than 10
    -turrets (duh, this is lrh)
    -matching reticule and dials (moa, moa)
    -no bigger than a 50mm objective
    fast revolution dials, FFP are a bonus but not nessisary.

    I wa thinking the 2.5-10 VORTEX PST. but no FFP and i would like more magnifacatn. Id like to keep it around $600 CAD. Let me know what my options are.