SMK effect on shorter ranges?

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  1. Diezel

    Diezel Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2004

    I see that SMK are used frequently on long range hunting and they seem to work great.
    Here in Sweden we have a law about bullets used for hunting (other animals then varmints) should be designed to expand. Therefore we cant use SMK´s and other match bullets, even tho they are in fact hollow points, but not intended to expand.

    Long range hunting is also fairly unknown in Sweden, a 200m shot at an elk/moose is considered long range and on the edge of what is ethical.
    Some how it´s all right to shoot a fox at greater distance...

    Im a litte curius to know how match bullets would work at "Swedish" long range terms, around 100m - 300m if they where used.
  2. SamSpade

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    Sep 21, 2004
    I shot 3 deer this year with the 180 gr SMKs out of a 300 WSM.

    The first 2 were mule deer (200 lbs) taken at 324 lasered yards, both hit high ribcage both striking a rib on the way in. Neither bullet penetrated the skin on the opposite side but caused mass destruction of the internals.

    The 3rd was a white tail (175 lbs) shot at 150 yards in the high ribcage. Bullet didn't strike any bones and exited the opposite side with a tennis ball side hole.

    All 3 bucks (8, 9 and 10 pointers) dropped right in their tracks!

  3. Ratwhiskers

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    Oct 8, 2007

    l've just started using 130smk's in a 7-08 @ 2800 (mild but accurate, low .3's or better @100yrds). Just 1 Roe doe so far but l've got another 10/15 to flatten. She was taken at 80yrds off the bonnet with a bipod. The round went in just off centre below the left eye and exited from the back of the skull leaving a 2.5inch hole.
    l must say l've no problems with them if this is a repeatable effect...


  4. littletoes

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    Apr 12, 2002
    I've had some good luck with 200 grn SMK's on Medium Sized deer at 200+ yards at 300 Weatherby Mag velocities ( 2800 to 3150 fps (yeah, I've played with them a bit)).

    Spine and shoulder hits all, animals didn't have time to complain... ;)