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    Nov 1, 2009
    I was wondering if anyone knew of any smiths specializing in long range guns in rapidfalls or anywhere east of there on interstate 90 all the way to Souix Falls. Also even on interstate 29 south all the way to missouri. The reason I'm asking is I'm on vacation in the black hills and that is my route home and I wanna stop in to a place and check it out. Thanks in advance!!
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    Basically you have Centershot Rifles close to I 90 in Wisconsin.

    Center Shot Rifles (Pittsville, WI)

    Up close to I 94 you have Straight Shot Gunsmithing in North Dakota

    Straight Shot Gunsmithing
    Somewhere in South Dakota you have Neshika Chad (Chad Dixon) but I forget where exactly he is.

    I think you would be happy with the work of any of them.

    If you get to the east of the Great Lakes then you have Kevin Kram in Pa-- Montour Rifles.

    There may be some others but those are the ones that I remember.

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    I believe Nisekachad is in Sturgis, SD. I would recomend centershot rifles if you make it to WI. Jim See is a great guy! and he's had plenty to drool on when I've been in his shop.
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