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    The Ether Bunny brought me a nudder box. It was big and wide and long. I was very excited and hopeful; but, it was just a couple of Cabela’s shipping cases for fishing rod cases. I was expecting something for archery, although I do like to fish, so I figured maybe the Ether Bunny had bought me some new fishing rods. When I opened up the shipping cases they were empty!!!! I guess the wabbit must have stopped for a nap along the way and while he was asleep somebody stole the fishing rods out of them.


    Well I had no use for anymore empty fishing rod cases so I thought maybe, just maybe, I could make the best out of a bad deal. I use an old Kodak photo film paper box to store my arrows and it is about 30 years old and is held together with duck tape and would not withstand traveling thousands of miles each year going hunting. So I drug it out and checked to see if the arrows would fit in the fishing rod shipping case and sure enough you can get just about a dozen inside. So with two empty fishing rod shipping cases I can now transport two dozen arrows in the back of my truck with no worry about them getting broken or the feathers crushed. I used to shoot vanes but came back to feathers but Ii may go back too vanes again.


    The only bad thing is that while I have been off long range rifle hunting for the last three years the glue has dried and cracked on the fletching. When I left the house to go jogging today there was the biggest red fox I have ever seen running across the road from a neighbor’s yard. He came down the back through my yard and then ran across the road in front of me again. If the Ether Bunny doesn’t bring me a fletching kit maybe I will have a talk with Mr. R. Fox about the Ether Bunny’s lazy habit of sleeping while on his delivery route.
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    I have to say i enjoy reading your post!