Sighting in the Tikka--first 10 rounds at lunchtime

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    Jan 6, 2005
    Went to the local rod and gun club. They have a small range up to 300yds and its deserted during the week. Prime time to finally get a chance to take the new rifle out and sight it in. My friends Greg and Brian brought their scoped 44mag Ruger and SKS semi-auto (plus 900 rounds of 7.62x39mm?)to blow off some steam at lunch. We headed out from work at about 12:30pm and it was about 90deg outside and at least 70% humidity.

    The local dealer I had the Tikka shipped to (bought it used with 60 rds through it according to the PO) had boresighted it for free and sold me a Leupold Vari-X III 4-14X scope for a nice price. However, I have been running around all spring and early summer riding my bike, traveling for work, taking vacation, getting engaged and generally screwing, around so I hadn't gotten to a range yet to sight it in--the one near my house being public and crowded, generally.

    Only having about 45 minutes at lunch to get things done we got to the range and put targets up at 50yds--pistol and the SKS to start--and 100yds for me. I brought my gym bag and used it as a sand bag laying the front stock on it and my right forearm on the bench top. The first two shots were about an inch left and 6 inches high from dead center. The first set of clicks brought the next two down about an inch high and 1/2" and waited a few minutes between sets because Brian was bouncing spent shells off my head from 8 feet away. The next adjustsment had me hitting the top of the bull with the next two and I flinched on the next shot.

    Part of the reason I flinched I think was a local company who makes imaging optics for folks in uniform was putting a couple items through their shock test with a Model 70 300 win-mag with the scope mounted on picatinny rails. They just cycled rounds through it down-range (strapped on a rifle rest) damn thing was loud and I had trouble ingnoring them the first couple rounds.
    I waited a few more minutes wile the other guys took their turns at the SKS at the 100yd targets and followed up with three more rounds aiming dead center at my target. The last three grouped at the top of the bull (around an inch high at 100yards)and I could cover all three holes completely with a dime I had in the cupholder in my Jeep.
    I was pretty pround of my last three rounds having only shot my bow, pistols and shotguns for the last 15 years or so. I'll post a quick pic of all ten shots on paper. I'll have to go out next week and see if I can repeat it and move the targets out to the 300yd posts for some longer range practice.

    I didn't fare as well with the SKS's iron sights. Greg tried to adjust the sights but ran out of adjustment for elevation. Aiming dead center at 100yds the thing would hit the top of the target about 9in high. I aimed at the bottom of the paper and I got a bunch on paper, but I think I need a little more practice with it. Fun to shoot though. I went though about two clips ~60rds in just a couple minutes. Greg did the best with the SKS grouping about 20 rounds in an 8 inch oval near the top right of one of the 100yd targets. Brian put a nice 10-13 inch group on a target as well--not as tight as Greg's.

    I got to take a couple shots with the 44 magnum. Scope was nice and clear and my two shots were about 1.5" apart at 50yds with the first one dead center on the bull and the second one up and left--I think I was anticipating the second one and flinched just a little.

    All in all it was a nice lunch--but a little too short. I'm not a member at that range yet, but it's so close to work I'm thinking I can't lose if I join--I need the practice at 300yds and up (not there). The Tikka (Varmint model in .308 shooting Federal Match 165 grain Sierra BTHP)was pretty nice matched with the Leupold IMO--at least on paper at 100 yards--which probably isn't saying too much on this forum. But, I had some really good fun and it is basically sighted in--doesn't have target turrets so I just left it 1" high at 100 for now.

    Like I said I'll post pics later if anyone's interested. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

    Matt Roth