Shrewd Machine Varmint brake.

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    Jun 7, 2004
    I searched for a side port brake without top vents that could be turned down to .718" barrel diameter.

    Finally checked out the Shrewd Varmint brake. It is a drilled hole symmetrical side port brake that looked like it could be turned down, so I ordered one from Brownell's with a 9/16" x 24 tpi thread. After turning it to barrel diameter, it still had plenty of wall strength after being bored out to .328" for a .300 Win Mag.

    I was worried that it might not reduce recoil very well, but after about 50 rds of 200gr Accubond handloads and Nosler Custom ammo, my son-in-law reports that recoil reduction is excellent, and noise level for the shooter is unexpectedly low.

    Maybe this post will help someone else dealing with these issues.

    Good hunting, Tom