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    Aug 14, 2009
    Born in Missouri and been here for 44 years (thats my age:D). Hunted everything here that you need a license for and some things you don't need a license for. I hunted out west in Colorado and Wyoming for pronghorn, muledeer and pdogs. Always had good luck harvesting game out there but not ever able to come up with a good trophy (always hunted poor boy style; DIY). I love to get in that open country and spot and stock game. The pdogs are a great added bonus to my big game hunting. I would love to go in the late spring or early summer just to pdog hunt. I have gotten a RRA ar-15 varminter in 223 and a Savage LRPV in 22-250 for this purpose. I am trying to get optics bought for both (Sightrons?). I used a Ruger #1V in 223 before acquring these other two guns. I will use these 22 calibers back here in Mo to shoot coyotes, groundhogs, crows and lots of paper. I have 2 beagles for rabbit hunting, 1 english pointer for bird hunting, 1 walker coonhound for coonhunting. Love to see good dog work. I use all types of firearms(rifle,muzzleloader,pistol,rimfires) and bows to take my game!!! As the log-on name implies I huntall types of game, Just ask my wife.
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    Where at in MO?

    When MO went to QDM and 4 pts or better on one side 4 years ago in N part of state, it has had a real positive effect on the quality. We saw a lot of nice bucks last year for the first time in awhile. . I shot 2 nice 8 pts with bow and rifle.

    Key is be above the MO river for the big ones.

    Look for state land open to hunting next to the refuges and wildlife areas. Lot of urban hunting now if you bow hunt.

    I hunt the MO river bottoms where you can shoot a looong way and right above that the hill country in Chariton County.