Shot shell press 12, 20, 16 guage dies

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    Sep 9, 2012
    I know its not in theme with the forum but here goes.

    I have a pacific / hornady DL-155 shot shell press (its progressive style) with dies for 12 guage 20 guage and the hard to find 16 guage. The dies all fit the current hornady 366 (so i have been told) I do not want to break the set but i might.

    The shot and powder hoppers are not cracked. the unit is complete but would require some common sence to use it. I have some basic instructions but i never needed them.

    I have made custom shells such as beanbag, rocksalt, and heavy shot loads that you can't buy. and i made standard shells too.

    I was asking 175 for the whole set and if someone is close to me (oakland, md) i would include some lead shot and primers too. the lead is to heavy to ship and primers can't be shipped. I will include some empty shells (random sizes)