"Short chamber" in 6,5x55?

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    Dec 12, 2002
    \"Short chamber\" in 6,5x55?

    I'm currently waiting for a benchrest quality barrell for my 6.5 - dunno make, I leave such things to my 'smith.

    I mostly shoot 120gr bullets which usually shoots best with a rather short cartridge OAL, giving the bullet about 0.15" jump to the lands.

    I'm considering having the chamber cut short to get about 0.04" jump with OAL I'm using and shoot 120gr bullets exclusively. Most of my shooting is within 450yds with only occasional shots stretching out to about 700 yds. At 700 I'm losing about 1 fist worth of winddrift in the prevalent winds here.

    What do you think, worth the trouble? Is it reasonable to expect any accuracy gain - it was about 3/4 MOA as it was.