Shooting Ground Squirrels

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    Feb 26, 2009
    we have lots of ground squirrels in Ca., I shot'm as a kid now lots of us shoot them at longer ranges and we joke that that ya can't have more fun with a firearm that shooting squirrels.
    Northern Eastern Ca. lassen and Modoc counties are prime locations. I recently paid a friend who is a waterfall guide who uses his contacts to bring squirrels shooters onto local farms, he has a 10 tower mounted on a car trailer to shoot from and that angle is really great. He scouts the areas and knows where they are and farmers mowing schedules. Compared to my usual practice of hoping the squeakers are there and the feed isn't to high, the price was worth it. I started shooting about 8am and not counting some breaks and going for lunch by 2:30 i was minus 300 rnds of 22-250. This time of year the young ones are out and make for mighty small targets and don't stay in any one spot very long.

    If anyone is interested i can give you more detail on the shoot and the guides name.gun)