Shipping rifles to Canada

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bettin, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. bettin

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    Jan 12, 2006
    Anybody have any experience with sending rifles to Canada from the US? I have a prospective customer interested in a rifle, but neither him or I have delt with international shippment issues. Any info would be great.
  2. Ian M

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    May 3, 2001
    Hope you don't mind if I put my info in this spot:

    Actually the process is very simple, not expensive and only requires a bit of patience.
    Here is how to do it:
    .. Canadian customer has to obtain the serial number, make, model, barrel length from the seller.
    .. Canadian customer then prints off the Application Form for Registering a Firearm and fax's the form to the Canadian Firearms Center.
    .. the website location for the printable form CAFC 998, go to the Registration, Tranfer box to get it. The location is:

    .. when you fill out this very simple form make sure to check-off the box for import firearm
    .. then the Canadian customer has to call the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to get an Import Form. The form is called the EXT 1020 form. The number to call is 613 992-0478, ask for a couple of copies to be sent to your home.
    .. then the Canadian customer has to obtain an invoice from the firearms seller, simply detailing the rifle model number, serial number and caliber and $.
    ., then the Canadian customer has to prepare a simple letter of intent to purchase the firearm. This is a one or two sentence letter saying that he wishes to purchase an X rifle for the some of Y dollars from whoever the seller is.

    .. then you wait for the Firearms Center to issue a registration number, which might come by fax or mail. You can speed up the process by calling them to check on the application, if it has been processed they can give you the registration number over the phone. They are very prompt in my experience.
    .. when you get the registration number and the form EXT 1020 from Foreign Affairs you fill out the very simple import form EXT1020 and include the basics of the rifle info from the Firearms Center registration, make sure you include the registration number assigned to your new rifle and send it to Ottawa. Return is about a week and a half or so, not bad at all.
    .. when you get the EXT 1020 back simply place it, the invoice and letter of intent to purchase in a large envelope and send it to

    Denise Tiffany
    Leroy's Big Valley Gun Works
    Box 22 - 527 2nd Avenue North
    Glasgow, Montana 59230
    (406) 228-4867

    .. Denise will handle the ATF forms and she will call you when she gets approval to export the firearm. She charges $100.00 US for doing this - believe me it is worth every penny.
    .. Denise and her husband Leroy have an FFL so an American can ship the gun to them from FFL to FFL I believe, they will hold it until the papers are in place.
    .. After the paperwork is in place there are two options for actually obtaining the firearm(s). First, Denise can ship long guns in the mail directly to an individual in Canada. Appropriate taxes are calculated by Canada Customs of course, after it gets to Canada. Handguns cannot be shipped by mail. Denise has found a commercial carrier who can deliver them into the Canada. The alternative for individuals in Saskatchewan is to simply arrange a meeting at the Raymond Montana border port for a hand delivery and taxes paid at the port.

    This info is what I have been provided by a variety of sources and hopefully it is accurate and usefull.

  3. Willy 1

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    Apr 3, 2002
    Things have changed a little in the way you can bring the gun into Canada. I talked to Denise yesterday and she said that they can no longer use the mail to send the guns up. In my case she is sending the gun to a person that works with her at Sweetgrass and I am to meet him their and he will bring it to the bordor for me and I am left to pay the duty their.
    I also had to send the CAFC 998 form in instead of just faxing it. Ian maybe they know you on a first name basis and you have better luck with the goverment people.
  4. Ian M

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    May 3, 2001
    Thanks for the info, I better check on something I faxed the other day. Things do change regularly, been a few since I first brought a rifle into Canada.
    Thanks, best is to call Denise, she knows the most current procedures and is very nice to deal with.