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    OK, time for a serious dumb question.
    I have two boxes of Acraglas-gel. One was opened about about four years ago, but still has most of it remaining. the other has never been opened. Are these still good to use, or do I need to buy new?

    If new, the same, or how about mike and gilbert's BedRock with the micro beads?

    I only need enough to do 1 or 2 stocks, at most. And, a quart of marine-tex is not cost effective, in this case.

    Further, I live in a town so small that THE local store only has four aisles, and does not carry any kind of epoxy.
    On the other hand, I can go out my back gate and ride a four-wheeler all day, or until I run out of gas. Takes a creditcard, and we ain't got no 7-11.

    Sooo.... I will be ordering this, if I need to, probabily from Natchez as I need a few other things, also.

    Thanks in advance.
    C'ya, John.
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    Aug 15, 2006

    I can't help with suggestions on an alternative to Accraglass but as a general rule if the resin part of the pack is still in fluid form rather than a congealed block, then you may be O.K. Best thing would be try a small quantity of the mix on a lid or something that has no value, if it hardens off you should be Fine.

    Most axrylic resins will harden off over time just by ageing in the presence of air, all the catalyst or hardener does is speed this process up exponentially.

    I had some Acraglass resin that remained unused for 16 years, when I finally came to open it it had solidified

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    May 31, 2001
    Just opened a new container that I have had around awile.The hardener is still good but the base is lumpy.Threw it out and started over.
    If it will mix up and still be smooth with no lumps your good to go.
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    Thanks, guys.

    Good info.
    Now, does anyone have an opinion on Bedrock kits?

    (off to the bench to check the resin)

    C'ya, John.
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    The resin was a little stiff, but, still seemed to be plastic without lumps. (room temp @ about 65*) This was the opened package. I mixed some up about 7 hours ago. It seemed to be mixing fine. So I put some sanding dust from the stock in, to make the color right, and put it in an inconspicious place where I had "broken some wood" out of the stock. It appears to be hardening fine, at this point.

    OK, OK, I broke out the part of the stock between the rear pillar hole I was trying to drill and the the trigger relief. It's about 1/4 X 1/4 X 1", and will be covered by the trigger guard. Read this as "DO NOT get in a hurry.

    HUGE learning curve on this. It's my FIRST attempt at pillar bedding, and full length bedding, on my own.

    Now I know what a dial mike is for. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff you need an accurate measurement on to do pillars. It ain't just drilling a hole and gluing a pillar in. Did you know that masking tape is .005 thick? I do now!

    Newbie's take note: we are not all perfect, (except Len & Kirby.)(and Dave maybe, but you'll have to ask him.)

    Thanks, again.
    C'ya, John.
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    Jan 20, 2004

    What about J-B Industro Weld (Shop Size)?

    It works for me.....
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    J-B weld #8280 $17 delivered.
    I notice that it's grey when mixed. How thick is it when mixed?
    This is going in a "pepper" lam. stock, so it may be a option.

    C'ya, John.