Sendero 7STW LNIB (SPF)

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    Nov 16, 2004
    I found this Remington Sendero 7STW unfired in the box a few years ago. A gentleman purchased several of these when Remington announced they were taking them out of production and put them inn his safe.. I always wanted a Sendero in STW and jumped on it when I found it. This rifle has been fired less than thirty times. I broke the barrel in shoot/clean fifteen times and then loaded some rounds with RL22 and a 140 TTSX and printed 1.5" group at 225 yards, first recipe no tuning. This Sendero is a shooter. I had Gre'Tan building me a 300WM during the time and the Sendero has sat in the safe since. This rifle deserves to be hunted with.

    When the Sendero hit my front step I removed the factory trigger and threw in a S/S Remington trigger that was tuned by Neil Jones which breaks clean at approx two pounds. The Leupy mounts also come with the rifle as does the Bergers, Amax and TTSX. The Redding FL die and the bag of brass. My plans on working a load with this rifle never got off the ground.

    This has to be the lowest mileage original Sendero 7STW around. If you or your smith determines this rifle has been fired more than I claim I will buy it back, three day inspection period.

    The price is less than what I have invested. $1175 shipped/insured CONUS. No trades.


    (I noticed after the posting I grabbed the wrong box of Bergers for the pic, 30 cal. I have an almost full box of their 140 VLDS.)

    Thanks for looking,

    Wade Van Bragt


    More pic's
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