Sendero 25-06 Grouping ?

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  1. 32Spcl

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    Nov 26, 2007
    What should one expect for a grouping with a out of the box Sendero w/factory 100g bullets @ 100Yds.?

    I was hoping for less than 1/2" like I get with my .223; however,

    I'm breaking mine in now...100 yds. around 1-1.25" but jumps to 7" @200Yds.
    Anybody with experience on shooting this gun would be appreciated.
  2. johnnyk

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    Dec 24, 2001
    On the worst day with the worst load mine would edge near 1.0"..Only time it ever came near that was shooting the 115 NBT with no load development. I just grabbed some primers, dumped a powder weight from the Nosler book and seated a bullet in a Rem case. This was done for velocity/chrono.
    When you say "out of the box" I take it you mean, brand new, never been shot and broke in?...Mine absolutely loves 75 (Sierra), 100 (Barnes, Nosler) and 115gn (Berger) pills. I mostly use IMR4064 (75gn) and RL22 (100/115gn) and either CCI BR2's or 9.5M's, respectively.
    I usually seat mine .010" off the lands and am still using the same 100 Remington cases I bought when I first got the rifle. About 25 of those have split at the neck. I attribute that to sorry cases, as I don't load them tooooo hot!....Hope this helps/encourages...JohnnyK.

  3. Flybuster

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    Apr 20, 2007
    Hello, My 25-06 Sendero did have the matte black barrel. It shot pretty good for a factory rifle. If I read your post right you are using 100 grain factory ammuniton. Can't help you there, because I never fired factory ammo through mine. But, 1'' groups don't sound bad for factory ammo. My reloads shot around 3/4'' sometimes .5" at 100 yards with the 100 grain Matcking bullets.
    Shot 3-4" -5 shot groups at 300 yards with Berger Vld's. My absolute favorite bullets to shoot were the 75 grain v-max. Shot tons of squirrels and a handful of rockchucks with this bullet. EXPLOSIVE is an understatement. And talk about hang time. I could easily spot my own shots at 300 plus yards.

    Now I have a trued action, custom barrel on the same rifle, in 25-06 ackley & adjusted my trigger to 2lbs. Still having just as much fun with it.
  4. wkinderknecht

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    Oct 15, 2004
    25-06 sendero

    I had the best luck for a factory load with the 90gr win pep. It would hold very close to MOA. That being said, it will not touch the accuracy of the 100gr NBT or SMK over some H4831SC. I have had nearly as good of accuracy with the 75gr vmax over 4350. If I do my part with the 100gr bullets, it will produce groups small enough that I won't post them for fear of being called a liar. For some reason, mine always shoots best at 95% of max. Obviously, work up to these loads. Good luck. wk
  5. CatShooter

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    May 8, 2001
    First off, don't expect groups from a 25-06 to equal a .223... the .223 is more accurate.

    That being said, my Sendero is shamelessly accurate.

    But if you are getting ~1" groups at 100yds, and 7" groups at 200yds, you have an ammunition problem.

    Bullets may be too long for the twist, or some other problem - I would try another type of ammo before doing anything else.

  6. wyojeepeer

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    Jun 26, 2007

    I bought one of those 25-06 Senderos, ONCE. It wouldn't shoot ANY factory ammo under an inch at 100yd. I tried 8 or 10 different weights/brands/flavors.
    I did not try handloading for it as this was to be my Pronghorn rifle, and I wanted to be able to buy ammo anywhere in the Boonies.

    I replaced that with a Savage heavy barrel in 25-06 that shoots everything under an inch. One of the best decisions I ever made.

    ......YMMV.....(Your Milege May Vary)
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  7. Darin S Johnston

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    Jul 20, 2005
    load 54gr. of RL 19 with cci 250 and a 115VLD berger set .010 off lands. also check action screws and scope mounting screws.