Seeking CO shooting comps and tips on gear please.

Discussion in 'Long Range Competition' started by JGC, May 19, 2012.

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    May 19, 2012
    :cool:Hi to all,
    First and foremost id like to introduce myself, been shooting for a few years and recently moved from florida to colorado, iam highly intrested in testing my abilitys at a range that offers more than 200 yards, a plus if some targets move.
    Current equipment:
    DPMS AR-15 5.56 16inch Free Floated with SS10x or 1.5x6 cheapo simmons thats held true. PMags. Hogue grip.
    Nikon 12x42 spotter scope.
    Im routinely placing 5 shots touching at 200 yards in the bull, i dont claim to be an expert but practicing my fundamentals has proved worthy.
    Hornady so far has proven itself very impressed with 53gr but even Tulammo and Winchester groups under an inch at 200 for me with my setup. so far very pleased gun):D

    My question is:
    Now that i moved out here where can i push my limits further?
    Ive been looking into a bolt gun for more range including 300wm and 338LM,
    yes ive shot .308s and 300wm and to be honest iam not recoil shy.
    However!!from what i understand some matches require .308 only? then i thought well maybe a .308 with a second upper in .260 for other comps???
    Advice needed on this Please.
    Savage seems practical being able to switch from .308 to .260 or even 300wm depending on comp, maybe a LA with a krieger in a tube chassis??
    Again advice advice, iam not rich and i need to make my selections carefully, :rolleyes:
    I plan to reload soon to save money and be of the outmost consistent!
    Ive always like remingtons, first one was a 7rm 26 inch barrel which i loved but sold to a friend upon my departure to the Army, so you could say i started big and the heavy hitters big cals bonded with me since my 18th birthday, i thought myself fundamentals with recoil so now anything i pretty much shoot is a breeze in the recoil dept and iam very found of good posture and extreme fundamentals from the beginning,
    Savage with interchangebles?
    ar-10 with 2 uppers?
    remington sps or sendero in 308 or 300wm?
    or skip and go straight to 338 lapua?
    Note! i plan to shoot from 100br to 1000br in my competition quest and tactical comps, maybe even further here in the mountains for giggles,

    savage seems cheap to me, yes they prove themselves but iam not sold yet,
    ars well iam happy with myne but iam seeking range, and good ballistics, not sure .308 or 260 will offer much,
    remingtons-your stuck with what you get and get ready to pay for upgrades you cant do yourself,
    300 win mag-belted case...accuracy issues? maybe or not your opinion and why?
    .338 solves belted case and lapua brass available, but will it be alowed in tactical comps, is the extra weight worth carrying for a few more inches less in drift? and extra cost of components, been looking at the savage hs .338

    i know one rifle cant do it all, but a good all around that will serve many purposes and not be bored with? .308 seems the number but lacking range so i think i might be bored in a few months,

    what to do? given a shooter can be extremely consistent what gear would be appropriate, and please no smart comments on gear is irrelevant, yes the indian is more important than the bow but if the bow cant keep up with the indian then well...
    Iam seeking outmost accuracy.consistency, and range. if you ask me the variables including wind are the biggest challenge which is why iam leaning towards .338 but theres alot of talk of the 300 being not too far behind.
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    Jul 30, 2007
    Not sure what part of Colorado you are in but there is a rifle match every month on the 3rd Saturday in Pueblo West. The format is 10 steel reactive targets set in an array at distances from about 200 yards to 425 yards. You shoot the array in 4 strings for a total of 40 rounds per match. The .338 Lapuas and the like are not allowed due to the damage they cause to the targets. The .260 guns are popular as are .308s. I just heard that there is a new very long range magnum match being held at the Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. They allow, and it is geared toward, the big magnums and distances can go all the way to 2200 yards!

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    Jan 15, 2006