Seating depth of 210 berger

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    Mar 20, 2011
    If I have a prethreaded/chambered shilen barrel on a savage 116 action will I have a throating issue with 210 bergers. I can't really find any good info where I have been looking. Will the round seat too deep for a quality jump and cause me to have bad accuracy? Also, will they fit in a standard magwell?

    I am a novice at this and don't really have anyone close by to lean on... Thanks for the input
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  2. rscott5028

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Load up a dummy round with no primer/powder right at the lands (or ~.010" jump) and see how that fits relative to the mag well.

    That's just a starting point for reference. If they fit in the mag well, then you can go right to work with your load development. If they sit too deep in the case and eat up too much capacity, then you can always have the chamber throated longer by a smith.

    If they don't fit in the mag well, then you can (a) use it as a single shot if need be, or (b) sometimes the Bergers like a lot of jump. So, all is not lost.

    Berger has a white paper that's also a sticky in these forums regarding seating depth.

    The bottom line is that there's no way to say whether or not it'll shoot straight without shooting it.

    -- richard