Scope tube and scope base ???

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  1. blackco

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    Jan 19, 2007
    I heard a "story" the other day at the sporting goods store, opposed to everything I have heard as true in the past, and I wanted some input from you'all on it before I point-and-giggle. I was looking at Leupold scopes and made the commented about the VX-L scopes not having a 30mm tube (for light). I was told the the only reason American companies use a 30mm was to give more room for internal adjustment, it doesn't help light transition at all due to the fact that the light beam it so small going through that part of the scope already. I had always heard that the 30mm tube transmits more light than the 1 inch tube.

    What's the real story here?

    One more question for you all...I am having a 300RUM made (w/muzzle brake). I already have a Redfield style one-piece base and rings for the action. Is there anything wrong with using this or should I buy something better. I don't mind spending money if there is a real performance difference, but not just to buy a name, style or brand.

    Thanks in advance for any and all inputs, they are always welcome.
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    Jan 5, 2004
    Depends on how the scope is made. If the internals are made bigger, it can let more light through, but most people buy 30mm tubes for their 90+MOA of adjustment which probably means small internals.

    The we could go into light transmission which is really a big technical fog. . .Really $ = color resolution + light transmission. I.e. more $ = more performance. You really can't do much to avoid that. It ought to be Newtons 4th law.

    Still, IMHO the VXL is stupid. . .It is a gimmick. Not the best scope in the price range.

  3. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    30 mm

    There are some advantages to 30 mm tubes although small
    some think well worth it.

    As mentioned more MOA of adjustment.

    More strength due to the larger tube.

    Side focus ( the reason I like them )

    And shorter overall length for the same power due to larger and
    thicker lens.

    As far as light transmission they appear to be better to me.

    If shooting in poor light I think they have an advantage but if at
    the range or in sun light the 1" tubes are hard to beat for the price.

    Just my opinion
  4. Chrismadrid

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    May 28, 2005
    So far every scope I've dismantled has basically the same innards independent of outer tube (for a given manufacturer). Most GOOD scope builders (USO, S&B etc) will tell you the big tube is for MOVEMENT.
  5. CatShooter

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    May 8, 2001
    What Chris said is dead bang true.

    The 30mm tube is so the scopes can have larger elevation for people that shoot at longer ranges.

    With most scope makers, the insides are exactly the same parts as the 1" line.

    What determines the amount of light collected is the objective, and what determines how much light "you" see is the magnification and the diameter of the pupil of your eye (which varies at different times) at the time.

    The diameter of the tube cannot change these relationships.

  6. Jon A

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    Dec 28, 2001
    Yes, this is often the case. Though, while the tube itself won't make a difference some companies do use completely different optical systems inside the bigger tubes.

    For example, my 35mm tube IOR has less travel than either of my 30mm tube IORs. All the "stuff" they put in there simply wouldn't fit into a 30mm tube very well, if at all, much less a 1" tube. And it is quite different optically than they are. In most ways better, but brightness isn't one of them. The 30mm tube that has the larger objective is brighter.
  7. blackco

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    Jan 19, 2007
    Once again I have been pleasantly schooled by the infinate wisdom of this board. Thank you for my new found clear view (on scopes).

    Could anyone comment on the Redfield base and rings question? Thanks
  8. silvertip-co

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    Jun 20, 2007
    Yeah the light comes form the 30-40-50mm objective lens. I would doubt if the tube dia diff between 1" and 30mm affected light at all. But 3/4 tubes and 7/8 tubes transmit less light but thats due to similarly small objective lenses.