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    Mar 12, 2009
    Hi, I have the following "stuff" for sale:

    1. Leu. VX-III 4.5x14x50mm B & C ...........$525.00 + shipping

    2. Remington M-700, synthetic stock, blue, fluted bbl. 6.8 SPC w/ 200 rds SSA loaded ammo.....$700.00 +
    shipping; to your FFL (fired 50-60 rds no copper fouling)

    3. Smith Carona 1903-A3 with (?) original sling , 80% + overall original finish, stock w/inspector's cartouche, some dings and dents in stock and handguard, VG/G bore.......$700.00 + shipping; to your FFL.

    4. Sako Forester stipped bolt and trigger guard w/floor plate.......$350.00 (no follower and spring)

    5. Browning ringmount #9217 1" intermediate high luster.......$95.00 (w/box)

    6. Browning #8617 2 piece 1895 high luster base.......$95.00 (w/box)

    7. Browning forend for 1895..(waited so long for replacement I sold rifle).....$275.00

    E-mail me if you're interested and we can work out the

    5. Make a reasonable offer (for me); "stuff" will be going to the gunshow 3-21-09...thanks
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