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    Feb 13, 2008
    The area that I hunt is a series of wide fingers. Average shot distance is 600-800 yards with a few times crowding the 1000 yard mark. To get to this area is all on horseback in the dark. I am looking for a scope that holds up to wet rainey conditions, and hopefully that the dials wont get bumped off in and out of the scabbard, and has the repeatability in the elevation knob that is needed for long range work. Im an older guy and really do not want to use a ballistics calculator prior to shot so the huskemaw looks interesting. The zeiss z1000 is probably out as the lines are so thin for a hunting senerio in the dim light conditions unless i go for the lighted version. I kinda thought it would be nice to have a set of turrent caps made for one load. One about 7000 feet and another for about 2000 feet above sea level. What have you-all found to be repeatable reliability as well as the weather proofness of the Huskemaw or vortex, or other brands? I have several luepolds and know all about those as well as the cdx system. Have a couple of night forces and those are way too big for scabbard work, the lines too fine for quick 100-200 yard shots in the forest. Im looking for opinions here. thanks in NM
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    I would look into the Leupold line before I would buy a Husky. You said you own Leupolds, so I dont need to tell you about the repeatability and toughness there. Sounds like your looking for a new toy then? I say if it aint broke...just my .02.

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    Leupold LR